The Pursuit of Dopeness

The Power is God’s…faith as fly fly art…

What’s in a word? Obviously a lot as far as “nigger” is concerned. The media and politicians say “ban it” but how impossible is it to make the world’s most dangerous word disappear from existence? And do we really know what it means? Hakim Green of Channel Live fame walks us through this black word’s history, it’s etymology, and explains why this word will never go away, and why we should embrace and cherish rather than shun it. Also, Sean C. and L.V. talk their musical history and why we should cop their new album ‘Loud Dreams’ for only $Free Ninety Nine. My lips is like an oowop as I start to spray it.

This is possibly the most interesting conversation I’ve ever heard concerning the “N” word

Last night… Good old random adventure with @urbandialog

Moments before my ignorance of New Edition lyrics was revealed to the world last night. @urbandialog held us down though. I seriously don’t know the lyrics to any songs other than Darlin Nikki. Seriously… (at Holiday Inn)

Young soldier me…

Looking through my old stuff…

Listening to the show as it happened as opposed to how I planned it (my first shot at a drive time slot) (at WVON)

From just after the wreath laying. (at oakwood cemetery)

In front of Harold Washington’s Tomb (at oakwood cemetery)



why do humans get such lame differences in appearance?? like there are a bunch of different species of dogs and turtles and birds like why couldnt’ we get cool stuff like spikes coming out of our heads or giant fangs or the ability to spray acid out of our mouths no we got different fur color

we can’t even handle having different skin tones without fucking everything up

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My new sounds:


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I have an incident like this about once a week.

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